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5.11.2023 ... ANSI Updated
I've updated the logon ANSI on 32-Bit BBS. In short, i just added the text "32bit" w/ Dr. X <g>. You can see the display by logging on to 32bit BBS or just click here.

... SSL added
You can now access our webserver via SSL and have removed access to tcp/80. Please update your bookmarks >

4.16.2023 ... Mike Woltz, creator of Spitfire BBS
I found out sad news that the creator of Spitfire BBS has passed. Best wishes to his family. His website is now down so I created a copy as downloads were not working on the Wayback Machine: Mike was still avalable in 2021-22 to answer questions or dig up old reg codes for SF. In fact i found a bug in the SF Newsletter and Bulletins where SF was not keeping track of when they were updated. He fixed this bug and sent me updated spitfire.exe and spitfire.ovr files! Sadly, i don't think this made it to the last release Spitfire 3.7. Lastly, here is a pic my registered copy of SF that i still have dating back to 1993 :) 

... HDD Failure
My HDD hosing X-BIT BBS failed. I keep updated backups dating back to 2011 so the restore on an updated SSD went well!

1.29.2023 ... Leech installed
The Doorgame Leech was installed on The X-Bit BBS

1.23.2023 ... Leech installed
The Doorgames Esterian Conquest was installed on The X-Bit BBS

1.22.2023 ... New door games installed on 32-Bit BBS
The following doors were installed on 32-Bit: 1) Dust2Dust, 2) Galactic Warzone, 3) Esterian Conquest

1.17.2023 ... Wordle for Dos!
I requested a dos version of BBS Tournament Wordle (for my Spitfire BBS) and the programmer delivered! After beta testing on 32-Bit BBS and the awesome work from the owner we now have Wordle for DOS for all dos based systems!

... FidoNet
The X-Bit BBS has rejoined FidoNet! Our address is: 1:105/44

Sysop contact:
public key
FidoNET: 1:105/44
fsxNET 21:4/107