Why is your Spitfire BBS named 32-Bit? Spitfire is a 16bit
   dos app?
A: Back in the mid 90s the term "32-Bit" was all the rage. So
   when coming up with a name for my first BBS that's what I
   picked. It was running on a 486-SX 25 and that's a 32bit
   CPU so I guess that could justify it but the real reason
   is because to pull users into a "32-Bit BBS" <g>. And it
   worked because my one node BBS was very active due to LoRD
   and Interbbs BRE/FE.

Q: Why did you become a sysop?
A: My first computer was a 486-SX 25 and a 2400bps modem. It
   came with a free 30 day sub to Prodigy online and when
   that ran out i found the world of local BBS's. I was
   hooked and soon after i downloaded the Spitfire software.

Q: What hardware/software did you have for the 32-Bit BBS?
A: 486-Sx 25, 160 meg conner hdd, 4 megs ram, 2400bps modem
   running on ms dos 5.0, qemm/desqview and win 3.11.

Qemm and Desqview? I though your first BBS was one node?
A: Well, I had one phone line for the BBS callers and one for
   my local logons.

Q: What hardware are you running now?
A: Both X-Bit (Sync) and 32-Bit BBS (Spitfire) are running
   on a Gateway FX tower with an INTeL i9 920 2.67GHZ CPU,
   4gb ram, 128gb & 256gb SSD and a AMD HD 7800 vid card.

How and when did The X-Bit come about?
A: I built The X-Bit in 2001 due to missing the hobby. After
   a quick internet search i found Synchronet and was
   surprised that a BBS could be accessed via telnet rather
   than a POTs line. And also Sync had many modern services
   like SMTP, SSH, etc. It was a no brainer. I conducted a
   restore from my old Spitfire BBS backups, grabbed some
   ANSI displays, changed the name from 32-Bit BBS to X-Bit
   and *boom* x-bit was born.

Q: How actave were/are your BBS's?
A: As I stated my first BBS in the 90s, 32bit BBS, had just
   one phone line. It was very actave and almost as soon as
   a person would log off another would call in.

   In 2001 when
I started The X-Bit, and i guess many callers
   were also feeling
very nostalgic because it was crazy
. No longer being restricted to the number of phone
   lines you had and thanks
to Synchronet BBS software and
   telnet, The  X-Bit recived
100's of calls a day. I
   remember getting bbs messages from Intel,
MS, SUN, etc
   engeeners saying how excited they were
to access a BBS
   again. X-Bit was one of the most actave BBS's
in the world
   back in the early/mid 2000s and thanks to this
   I'm almost at 400k logins today. I've archived logs of
   X-Bit's daily logons that can be reviewed.

   Sadly, systems
access is no longer what it was and calls
   have dropped but
who knows, perhaps another wave of
   nostalgia will hit again some day? <g> Regardless building
   and running our systems at x-bit.org is just as fun as it
   was in the 90s!

Q: Why did you rebuild your Spitfire BBS if X-Bit was alive?
A: Because it was my first love and with the help of
   NetSerial I was able to rebuild it and offer connections
   via telnet. Plus, retro rules <g>.

Q: What's the primary focus of your BBS's?
A: Door games! I've always had a healthy file base, FTN
   networks like Fido, SFNet, Dove-NET, etc.. but i love door
   games and the worlds that they offer.

Q: Why did you take down X-Bit BBS in 2008 and again in 2011?
A: The main reason was real life work started taking most all
   of my time.

Q: Didn't you run an InterBBS League?
A: Yes! It was named The X-League and I offered Leagues 777,
   701, 444, 610 and 13. In fact at one time for a few years
   league 777 was the largest BRE and FE league in the world.
   We had some good wars ;). Note, i no longer run this
   InterBBS League but I restored it's webpage for review.

Q: Do you do your own ANSI?
A: No, but I'm pretty good at modifying others to fit the
   x-bit theme. The BBS world has some VERY amazing artist
   and in no way can i even touch that skill set.

Q: What's with the ANSI sci-guy on both X-Bit and 32-Bit bbs?
A: That's Dr. Bit or dr. x :) I found him in an ANSI pack
   back in 1994 and was adopted as the official mascot at
   that point. Also this x-bit ansi was created by gj! and
   given to me for use on the x-bit in 2023.