The X-Bit BBS (Synchronet) & 32-Bit BBS (Spitfire)
We have many ways to access our systems @

The X-Bit BBS (synchronet)
Option 1 ... <telnet>
                        (telnet to on port 23 for X-Bit BBS)
Option 2 ... <ssh>
                        (ssh to on port 2222 for X-Bit BBS secure connection)
Option 3 ... <web>
                         (simple web access to X-Bit  BBS via your web browser)
Option 4 ... <sync-web>
                        (awesome syncronet web interface to X-Bit BBS)

32-Bit BBS (spitfire)
Option 1 ... <telnet>
                        (telnet to on port 2323 for 32-Bit BBS)
Option 2 ... <web>
                        (simple web access to 32bit BBS via your web browser)

BBS Client Downloads
Option 1 ... <SyncTERM>    
                        (offical website w/ win, linux, bsd, osx versions)
Option 2 ... <NetRunner>  
                        (offical website w/ win, linux versions)
Option 3 ... <MuffinTerm>
                        (offical website w/ osx, ios versions)
Option 4 ... <NetRunner>  
                        (netrunner client w/ xbit bbs' pre loaded)

Sysop contact:
public key
FidoNET: 1:105/44
fsxNET 21:4/107