* League 888 is a two BBS, The X-Bit BBS vs 32-Bit BBS, 25 person BRE and FE league.
* Packets are processed twice a day: Noon and Midnight.
* Both BBS's run on the same server = No Lost or Fraudulent Packets!

* HOWTO play BRE
* HOWTO play FE

Join a Team:

The X-Bit BBS -
to play on team xbit (Synchronet bbs software): <telnet> <web>
Barren Realms Elite (BRE): Rebel Alliance
Falcons Eye (FE): The Alliance

32-Bit BBS - to play on team 32bit (Spitfire bbs retro software):
<telnet> <web>
Barren Realms Elite (BRE): Galactic Empire
Falcons Eye (FE): The Horde


Contact: xbit.ops[at]gmail[dot]com