Why is your Spitfire BBS named 32-Bit? Spitfire is a 16bit
   dos app?
A: Back in the mid 90s the term "32-Bit" was all the rage. So
   when coming up with a name for my first BBS that's what I
   picked. It was running on a 486-SX 25 and that's a 32bit
   CPU so I guess that could justify it but the real reason
   is because to pull users into a "32-Bit BBS" <g>. And it
   worked because my one node BBS was very active due to LoRD
   and Interbbs BRE/FE.

Q: Why did you become a sysop?
A: My first computer was a 486-SX 25 and a 2400bps modem. It
   came with a free 30 day sub to Prodigy online and when
   that ran out i found the world of local BBS's. I was
   hooked and soon after i downloaded the Spitfire software.

Q: What hardware/software did you have for the 32-Bit BBS?
A: 486-Sx 25, 160 meg conner hdd, 4 megs ram, 2400bps modem
   running on ms dos 5.0, qemm/desqview and win 3.11.

Q: Qemm and Desqview? I though your first BBS was one node?
A: Well, I had one phone line for the BBS callers and one for
   my local logons.

Q: What hardware are you running now?
A: Both X-Bit (Sync) and 32-Bit BBS (Spitfire) are running
   on a Gateway FX tower with an INTeL i9 920 2.67GHZ CPU,
   4gb ram, 128gb & 256gb SSD and a AMD HD 7800 vid card.

How and when did The X-Bit come about?
A: I built The X-Bit in 2001 due to missing the hobby. After
   a quick internet search i found Synchronet and was
   surprised that a BBS could be accessed via telnet rather
   than a POTs line. And also Sync had many modern services
   like SMTP, SSH, etc. It was a no brainer. I conducted a
   restore from my old Spitfire BBS backups, grabbed some
   ANSI displays, changed the name from 32-Bit BBS to X-Bit
   and *boom* x-bit was born.

Q: Why did you rebuild your Spitfire BBS if X-Bit was alive?
A: Because it was my first love and with the help of
   NetSerial I was able to rebuild it and offer connections
   via telnet. Plus, retro rules <g>.

Q: What's the primary focus of your BBS's?
A: Door games! I've always had a healthy file base, FTN
   networks like Fido, SFNet, Dove-NET, etc.. but i love door
   games and the worlds that they offer.

Q: Why did you take down X-Bit BBS in 2008 and again in 2011?
A: The main reason was real life work started taking most all
   of my time.

Q: Didn't you run an InterBBS League?
A: Yes! It was named The X-League and I offered Leagues 777,
   701, 444, 610 and 13. In fact at one time for a few years
   league 777 was the largest BRE and FE league in the world.
   We had some good wars ;).

Q: Do you do your own ANSI?
A: No, but I'm pretty good at modifying others to fit the
   x-bit theme. The BBS world has some VERY amazing artist
   and in no way can i even touch that skill set.

Q: What's with the ANSI sci-guy on both X-Bit and 32-Bit bbs?
A: That's Dr. Bit or dr. x :) I found him in an ANSI pack
   back in 1994 and was adopted as the official mascot at
   that point. Also this x-bit ansi was created by gj! and
   given to me for use on the x-bit in 2023.