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Some of these strategies
and comments will not apply to
We thank the Combat Alley Players for this help file!


Pre-intro -> Terminology ->Intro

99.9% of this text is Great Tips and Help on BRE Play. You will Understand
when you begin to read. Remember that Combat Alley plays a Very High
Structured Playing Style, thus this was Very Important for me to Write for
new Players who come here. It will help you out ALOT If You aren't the #1
Top player.
If you Find it hard, Don't worry, I will Help you, you will get used to
it after a bit. Combat Alley is very Effective for this reason. and I'm
Not an Ass, If you Ask me a Question, I will Answer you..
I Merely Want To Make Sure Everyone is on the Ball Without Confusion.
Please Don't be afraid to make mistakes every now and then, we are only
 GA(s) -----------> Group Attack(s)
 Indie(s) --------> Individual Attack(s)
 T-Op(s) ---------> Terrorist Operations
 Kill Run --------> To Kill a Player Or BBS in one shot (DEATH)
                    The Player(s) will Have to start ALL over again.
 NW --------------> Net Worth
 k (ex, 450k) ----> k=Thousands (450k = 450 000)
 TT(s) -----------> Travel Time(s)
 HQ --------------> Headquarters
 Dip List --------> Diplomacy List
 If you Want to be a Top Player, you have to put your Heart into the game.
 This isn't a friendly Game of Cards. This is a futuristic War Game, and you
 are Playing to REPRESENT ->Combat Alley<- World-Wide; not just yourself.
 This Tips/Help File will help improve your playing, and eventually, once
 you get the hang of our style of play, you will become a top player. But
 you have to put your Heart into it, and you must have SELF-DICIPLINE. You
 don't Need to Follow Exactly What this help says, but you MUST follow the
 Combat Alley Rules To The Letter!
 First, this is a *WAR* game, not babies. We are VICIOUS attackers, we
 do not Accept Threats from Others, We make the Terms. Xbit plays
 to win. We do want to have fun, but tell me, is it fun to be Crushed? no.
 We CRUSH Boards.. We do it VICIOUSLY. We don't pity unless the Leader says
 so. IF you are the kinda person that Will ask me Why Don't we hit
 boards closer to our Size, then you obviously need a lot of help in the
 game. We pick Sweet Region Targets. We Harvest their asses. The More
 Regions/less NW the Less Loses we take for Taking that land, THUS we grow
 more and more, outgrowing All Boards, and Therefore make EVERY war we get
 into an UNFAIR fight. If you do not agree with this way of play, and will
 not Follow, and will complain about it to me, then you Are not a Xbit
 player. I do not Want to Hear ANY whining about it at all.
 (shoot to kill baby!) (:
 Q--> IF we attack boards our own size from the start, what will happen?
 A----> We will Take HEAVY loses from each "Fair" War we get into, and then
        what? We will be outgrown by some Board, and then we will be Killed.
        this make any sense to you? is this what War is about? Dying?

1st Days of Play -> Tax Rate -> Specialization

                               1st Days of Play
 Region Placement:
 If you play a style that buys Coastal, River, Technology, Desert, Urban
 Regions, you are playing all wrong.
 These are the Regions that are needed:
 How many of each type of Regions do I need?
 Agricultural -> ONLY what you need
 Industrial: Mountain Ratio (amount of Industry Regions to Mountainous)
 Ratio --> 4-5:1
 Meaning you should have 4-5 Industrial Regions to 1 Mountainous Regions
 (usually depends on the Maintenance Setting)
 Why Mountainous? Coastal Makes more!!
 Mountainous Regions BOOSTS Industrial Production!
 Tax Rate:
 SINCE you will have a MASSIVE army to feed, the LESS People in the Empire,
 the better. A good setting is 30%.
 TANKS!  1 Tank = 2 Turrets + 2 Jets
 Less Cost for Maintenance, less cost for Sending Attacks, and you will send
 a TON of attacks and GAs playing here.
 How Do I make enough Money at the Start to Buy Regions?
 You Sell The Tanks you Produce EVERY turn. You buy Regions using the Ratio
 explained above, and so on.
 You will quickly notice how effective this strategy is by the amount of
 regions you get soooooo early!!
 When do I stop selling Tanks to buy regions?
 This depends on amount of Days in Protection.
 IF the Protection time is 7 days (7 days of turns) you should start keeping
 your Tanks 2-3 Days before coming out of protection. (The CO usually says
 when to stop selling tanks, if not, use your initiative). You will Freak
 when you see how fast your NW grows.
 When you come out of protection, get ready for serious action, a target is
 picked for the day the team gets out of protection, or the next day.

After Protection

 Region Placement stays the same. Most leagues have Investments. When you
 MAX your Bank and Investments you will NO longer need to place your region
 gains in Mountainous. At that point, ONLY Agriculture and INDUSTRY!!
 In Non-Investing League(s) (League 1 8 7) The Region Placement is the same
 for the whole game. Keep an eye on this.
 If I need Money because I'm getting my ass T-Oped like crazy, what do I do?
 Sell Tanks. If you aren't Maxed out first on the Team, what you do is
 Place x amount of Tanks on the Market for 1100$. This Makes you Double then
 what you would make by selling the tanks regularly, AND is Cheap like hell
 for your Teamate to buy. It's Extremely effective.
 NOW, BE CAREFUL with your Money. If you have 2b in your bank, the Overflow
 from Interest Rate will go automatically on Hand. IF you have 2b in the
 bank, and 2b On Hand, and you take a turn, the Overflow is GONE, into a
 Void. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Investment Leagues, Buy Military,
 Non-Investing Leagues; Buy Military, or if you under HEAVY fire (nukes
 T-Ops) you may want to Place some extra cash in 0% Investments. This can
 be handy for upcomming days, trust me.


 For our style of play, the best possible is the Intelligence Alliance.
 Intelligence Alliance - This is an agreement between Realms giving
   covert aid in terrorist and covert operations to other empires on
   the planet and in Inter-planetary conflict.

Industrial Production

 Don't be ridiculous with this. 100% Tanks.
 Of course, strategies may need to be a little changed if you keep getting
 your HQ shot.

Covert Agents

 You will need alot. The more the better. For when you come out of protection
 always try to have at least 50k. the Price of your Agents will grow as you
 do. So buy them early in the game.

Trading Market

 If you think that placing military on the market will stop them from
 fleeing your empire, 0% Moral will do this, or something, then you are
 wrong. It does NOT stop them from fleeing, and it does NOT eliminate them
 from Maintenance costs.
 Trade Deals is what Saves them from Fleeing, and from Maintenance costs.
 Remember that Trade Deals will Arrive the SAME turn to the person you sent a
 deal to that day. So a Deal sent on Turn 3 on Wednesday, will arrive on
 Turn 3 on Wednesday. The Same deal sent on Turn 3 Wednesday (if not accepted)
 will arrive on Turn 0 Thursday........ (In FE it's NOT like this, Don't
 confuse the way Trade Deals work in both Games)

Attacking -> (T-ops) + More

 You Pick a Target, You send T-Ops; Demoralize Forces, then you should try
 to at LEAST match your target's NW in tanks. It's good practice to always
 send a bit extra. (This could also depend on the Last Recon Date from that
 BBS, and the Travel Time). This is For Extended Battles, the others are
 NOT used. Extended Battles Does the MOST damage, and gets the most gains.
 If you attack the same target more then once, then the Following attacks
 should be about 85% of the amount of the Previous attack; or 90%, once again
 this deppens on the settings. (Attack Damage)
 If you want to Calculate an Attack in Jets, remember, 1 Tank=2 Jets.
 What If I have left over Military after sending my indies, and would like
 to attack more?
 Set up Group Attacks! GAs won't give you as much as Indies, but it's
 Now, About sending T-Ops before sending out your Attacks. If it's a Low
 T-Ops/day Setting (10 or 15), then send all 10-15 at your Largest Target(NW)
 If it's a high Setting (20-30), Split the amounts to the largest Targets
 accordingly. Be Smart about this. If you have 25 T-Ops/day, and have only
 1 Target (if a rather big target) you could send 15 Demoralizes & 10
 Sabotage HQ.
 Demoralize Forces Will CRIPPLE your Targets army, thus you will lose LESS
 in the battle, and your target will lose MORE. It effects ALL types of
 Sabotage HQ affects your Target's Tanks Effectiveness. (Tanks are popular)
 These are the most popular types of T-Ops here, and all you really need.
 If your HQ is Smashed, DO NOT send Tanks out at like 50%!! I would Take
 my chances with maybe 90%-100%.. but Make it a habit to Attack with 100%.
   If your HQ is COMPLETELY smashed (0%) Then you MUST start to rebuild it
   again. It will not start construction by itself!
 If your Forces aren't At LEAST 95% in Morality, ABSOLUTELY do NOT send out
 an Attack of ANY kind! You can, obviously, start GAs, but don't join them.
 If you send some Bombers in an Indie/GA, you BETTER make sure that you send
 enough to win the attack. BECAUSE, if you don't win the attack, you will
 LOSE ALL THE BOMBERS you sent. Wether it's 10k or 100k!
 (I learned that the hard way)
 Jets. These are usually Put on the market for EVERYONE to use against
 GOOIES.. and NOTHING Else. If you are a Jet player, you better be careful
 not to keep them at home too long. You get T-Oped to death with Bomb Air
 Bases, you may want to kill yourself. Another Reason why Tanks are the best!


                                Gooie Kablooie
 You harvesting your target? yes? Do NOT send this. Why Destroy Regions that
 you want for yourself? Don't be stupid. Gooies suck.
 When a Gooie Hits, GET RID OF IT AT ALL COSTS!! Or it Will Destroy MORE
 regions for the next 3 days! The strength of the Gooie deppens on the size
 of the BBS.


                                Nuclear Attack
 A nuke target is usually chosen by the CO.
 Nuclear Strike - Nuclear weapons are a good source of crippling an
   opponent.  While costly, the nuclear missile transforms a percentage of
   an enemy's regions into waste, which then must either be dropped or
   slowly repaired.
 If you are in Trouble, you can either, Drop your Waste Regions, or not
 pay to Recover them yet. This is your boggle.

SDI Program

 This is usually ignored by us. If you want to Pay the incredible amount of
 gold is takes to Uphold this thing, that's your problem.
 SDI Program - Technology has developed space-based protection
     against a great deal of enemy forces in the form of a Strategic
     Defense Initiative program.  Building an SDI, however, is fairly
     expensive and maintaining it will only cost more.  The more
     territory you control, the larger your program will need to be as
     well.  The potential benefits of an SDI including destroying up to
     50% of incoming enemy missiles as well as reducing the effectiveness
     of enemy jets and bombers attacking your realm by up to 30% and 20%


                             Attacking Pirates
 I personally don't waste my time with this. You can, but DON'T be rediculous
 with how much you send! A Pirate may only need 30k Tanks, and if you send
 More, you will Lose the SAME Percentage no matter what. Remember, Pirates
 are for Gains, not Losses. I've seen so many people do such stupid things
 like Sending ALL their military! My Advice to you: if you are unsure about
 Pirates, then leave them alone!


                           Setting up a GA Kill Run
 This is EXTREMELY Important NOT to Mess up! This is the MOST EFFECTIVE way
 to End annoyances. Like a Board we just crushed doesn't want peace, they
 Will Annoy us with T-Ops, Gooies, So We teach them a Lesson. We kill 'em
 This is EXACTLY how a Kill Run is Set up: The Leader will Usually Start
 the First Set of GAs to Leave at X time. The NEXT person is to Set up His
 SET of GAs 1 Hour AFTER the Previous Person's SET.
 (A SET of GAs, means if you can start 5 GAs, then ALL 5 GAs are to be SET
 to leave at the SAME TIME!!!)
 Here's How a GA Kill Run Would look as an Example Cut down,
 This is A little Example of a PROPER KILL RUN:
 GA #1 -> Leaves in 40 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #2 -> Leaves in 40 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #3 -> Leaves in 40 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #4 -> Leaves in 40 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #5 -> Leaves in 40 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #6 -> Leaves in 41 Hours  -> Started by Player E
 GA #7 -> Leaves in 41 Hours  -> Started by Player E
 GA #8 -> Leaves in 41 Hours  -> Started by Player E
 GA #9 -> Leaves in 41 Hours  -> Started by Player E
 GA #10-> Leaves in 41 Hours  -> Started by Player E
 GA #11-> Leaves in 42 Hours  -> Started by Player C
 GA #12-> Leaves in 42 Hours  -> Started by Player C
 GA #13-> Leaves in 42 Hours  -> Started by Player C
 GA #14-> Leaves in 42 Hours  -> Started by Player C
 GA #15-> Leaves in 42 Hours  -> Started by Player C
 GA #56-> Leaves in 50 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #57-> Leaves in 50 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #58-> Leaves in 50 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #59-> Leaves in 50 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 GA #60-> Leaves in 50 Hours  -> Started by Player A
 Get the Picture? Very EASY to Understand.
 And YES, 60 GAs. Maybe even 100, More sometimes.. Deppens.


 Well, This is all the knowledge you need to be a top BRE player! Use this
 as your bible, refer to it if you forget something. Soon you will be able
 to play this game as easily as scratching your balls. (no offense to the
 Women for my rude comment) (;
 Remember to ALWAYS read messages. If you do NOT read messages, you could get
 LOST like hell. The Diplomacy list doesn't always get updated. You have to
 be on the ball, don't go and attack a board that we are At Peace with
 and the Dip List says "Enemy" because you didn't read the Message that said
 PEACE with X bbs!
 If you have any Questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the more experienced
 Well that's all. I hope this Helps you out a good amount. (I'm Sure it will)

Written By: G r y m   R e a p e r   aka   ~ K i l l a   H i l l ~